Welcome Statement by the President Economics Alumni


Together we can conquer the World – 

The Department of Economics at the University of Nigeria is our pride. I remember vividly as young students and policy makers how confident and aware we were of the ideals of our founding Fathers that we telepathically despite our differences knew that we had to make the best of available scarce resources to ‘restore the dignity of Man’ .

The world has evolved into a global village enabled by Technology with capacity to cause rapid changes. Among many other developments (i.e. New Norms) are businesses and learning are activities that have left brick and mortar for technology space. To the forgoing, Nesa 1999 alumni desires the department to be at the forefront of E-learning with focus on credible information exchange, Economic analysis etc. which has cumulated to the idea of supporting the department with the development of a robust yet user friendly website.

On behalf of my course mates, I want to specially appreciate the team that worked day and night for the success of this project and very hopeful that this project will aid learning experience and enhance interactions between the department and all stakeholders. We are particularly proud of our growing Alumni Nesaites community and the impact they are making globally in diverse endeavors.

Accept my best wishes. 

Ayodele, Martin A. (MBA)

1998/99 NESA President

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