Welcome Statement by the Head of Department

The Department of Economics is one of the oldest Departments in the University of Nigeria. Over the past few years the Department has continued to take the lead in research and innovation in order to cope with the emerging trend in the teaching and learning of Economics in line with global standards. This website is one of the products of our innovative ideas to showcase the Department and its resources to the world. Though the University of Nigeria, has a functional website that is constantly updated, Economics, however, has many more resources and unique features which are provided in this website. It is on this note that we came up with the idea of developing our own website so that the programmes, resources, activities and events in the Department can be easily accessed by our students, alumni, potential students and others. This website publishes only academic materials, activities and events. It is constantly updated as new information arrive. It is not a political platform and will not be. It is designed to make the Department visible and get good ranking as one of the best Departments of Economics in Nigeria and beyond. Anything you may wish to know about the Department is in this website. We hope that you find this website interesting and informative. You are welcome.

Emmanuel O. Nwosu, PhD

Ag. Head of Department