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Nto, Sunday Eke who writes with the pen name  “ Balsam”  is  a final year Economics student of the University of Nigeria,Nsukka. He is passionate about Finance, Economic development, Institutions and Political Economy. He  believes strongly that through inclusive political and economic institutions our society will be made a better place to live . Through in-depth research and articulate writing, he joins Institutional Economists like Daron Acemoglu and Douglas North in advocating for formal and informal Institutions that are Pro -Economic growth. Fundamentally, the world’s problem of poverty and under-development are deeply rooted in poor Institutional frameworks .

Equally, Balsam is a purpose-driven young scholar, who holds firmly to the philosophy that our world can be cured from the numerous acute and chronic nemesis bedeviling her!

Of course ,through value-driven and principle based individual leadership , we sure can change our World. This particular line “let’s Balsam the World” succinctly captures his worldview in entirety.

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